2016 Abila Security Awareness Training

Security awareness is a process for educating employees and making them "aware" it's important to protect information systems and practice good data security.

Seminar Objectives
  • The primary objective of a security awareness program is to educate users on their responsibility to help protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their organization's information and information assets. Information security is everyone's responsibility, not just the IT department. It is critical that employees understand not only on how to protect the organization's information, but why it is important to protect that information. People are often the weakest link in a security chain, because they are not trained or generally aware of what security is all about. Employees must understand how their actions can greatly impact the overall security position of their organization. An awareness program should reinforce security policy and other information security practices that are supported by the organization. Security awareness helps minimize the cost of security incidents and helps assure the consistent implementation of controls across the organization's information systems environment.
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A humorous short video related to security and why IT Professionals love their work.

IT Security Basics

Employees & Contractors will learn or get a refresher on some basic security concepts and DOs and Don'ts. They will also be educated about who to contact if they discover a security threat.

Compliance Awareness

Employees and Contractors will learn about the compliance audits currently maintained at Abila and why they are important.

Policy Awareness

Two Policies exist at Abila that all employees and contractors are expected to review and acknowledge they've seen and understand.  

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Community Brands
Hours: 1.00
This seminar is presented free of charge.